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My Story

Reading to grandson Alex @ 1yo

My name is Linda Snyder and I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother. I am 57 years old and in late October 2009 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was told that I needed to have surgery immediately to remove a tumor in my colon. That was done but they told me that the cancer had spread to my liver. After about six weeks of healing I was referred to an oncologist for treatment of the cancer. She offered me chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumor. If this worked she said I may live for two years if I could survive the chemo. At this time my body was very run down from all that I had already been through so I declined. I read a book by Suzanne Somers called “Knockout”, about doctors who were treating and curing cancers in some cases. In the book there was a doctor in Reno, NV who has a clinic for alternative treatment of cancer. I currently live in LasVegas so I thought this was within driving distance for me. The clinic is called Century Wellness Center and it is run by Dr. James Forsythe who has devoted his life to nontoxic ways of treating cancer patients. Rather than tearing the body down they give you vitamins along with nontoxic natural cancer fighters to keep your immune system up and fighting. I have met many wonderful people both staff and other patients since I have been here. Everyone is so compassionate and caring that it gives you hope that you will beat the cancer.

I have been receiving treatment since January 10, 2010. The stress of the financial burden that goes along with getting treatment is immense and as you probably know is a common problem in our current health care system. This stress of not knowing how we will pay these bills and still be able to live with a roof over our heads makes my recovery all the more difficult. This is where I ask for your help. Any donation will help, whether you donate money using the donate button on this site or just keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Any amount will help, and to those that have already helped me out I love and thank you dearly! I know I have many more years in me and will do my best to defeat this cancer and try to help others do the same. All donations will go towards my treatment until it is paid, then the excess will go to other families who need the same financial help to battle this disease. Please tell anyone who can help about this site. Go to the “How to Help” page to print out a copy and circulate it to your friends, family, churches, offices.

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  1. Phyllis
    Posted 2010/02/10 at 21:58 | Permalink

    I also have cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, a rare and difficult type. I have been battling since 2008..yuck! I have tried a lot of things, and I would be honored if you would tell me how treatment has been working for you, at Dr. Forstyhe. I worry about finances every day. How much is the cost running at his clinic? lately I think, maybe it’s just not worth fighting anymore. I guess I have one of those ‘chronic’ cases, where it might go away briefly and then return. Do I do conventional treatment, that is going to ruin my quality of life, for however long that is? Do I go more alternative, and hope for a miracle? I stumbled across this site, while trying to decide if I can afford to go to Dr. forsthye. I read about him in suzanne somers book, knockout. I am praying for you with all my heart. Phyllis

    • linda.snyder
      Posted 2010/02/11 at 20:49 | Permalink

      Phyllis, I met a lady at the clinic who was also battling breast cancer for last two years and she said that she could feel her tumor shrinking. I feel the treatment is working but won’t know for sure till after three months when they check my numbers again. Finances is a big problem for all of us especially since insurance won’t pay for alternative treatment. That’s why we set up the web site to raise funds. Our goal is to be able to help others once we have enough contributions to pay for my treatment. As far as cost of treatment as of now it’s running $20,000. for the three weeks. Don’t give up, there’s always hope! I say if there is any way to get the money do it. It might save your life! You have a better chance of success if you don’t have conventional treatment first. They have a saying at the clinic Dr. Forsythe saves lives. I’ll be praying for you and if there’s any more information I can give you let me know.
      Your cancer pal Linda

  2. Posted 2010/03/04 at 19:28 | Permalink

    Dear Linda:

    This is your old drip club friend from Dr. Forsyte’s. I am praying that you receive all the funds that you need to continue to fight your battle and arrive at total remission. I know you can do it. God brought you this far, he’s not about to let you go now.

    Anyone reading this please know that there is no one as deserving as my friend Linda, her smile is absolutely beautiful.

    Blessings my friend.

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